It’s been proven that professional photography makes all the difference in selling your home.

Homes in all price ranges sell for more when listed with professional photos – up to $116,000 more!*

Professional photos lead to up to 61% more on-site views of homes for sale.*

Professional photos have been shown to reduce days on market by up to 32%, in some markets.*

Yet, surprisingly, only about 20% of all listings are
marketed with professional photography!

How are you grabbing the attention of potential buyers in the crucial 8 seconds you have?

With the average attention span reduced to only 8 seconds today,
you have very little time to pique the interest of a potential buyer.

Great photos keep a buyer looking – bad photos drive them to another property – never to return.

Considering that nearly 90% of all home searches start online, your photographs create the “first impression” of your property. You not only want to make this first impression the best possible, it’s the case today that with poor photos, your property is invisible to prospective buyers & other agents alike.

Doesn’t your listing deserve a leg-up in the market?

Real Estate Photography Services 

We are all about simplicity and effectiveness, including simple square-footage pricing. All packages include:

  • Scheduled Appointment
  • The most important images that will sell your home
  • Usage License for all photos
  • 4-step post-production process for best photo quality
  • Online access to all images for up to 6 months
  • Up to 5 “neighborhood photos” that help sell your property

Contact Adam at 415-917-3686 for a custom quote!

Add-on Services Available

Twilight Photography

Twilight photos create a truly emotional connection with the property. They enable prospective buyers to imagine arriving home and relaxing after a long day at the office.

They can also be used to highlight the unique beauty of a home with excellent external features, a lighted pool, or great mountain views.

Twilight is often called “Magic Hour” in photography, as the ideal natural lighting doesn’t last long. In reality, it’s more like a magic 15-minute window to get the best shot, and at Haus Foto we’ve got years of experience setting up and getting these shots on our first trip.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is an important element for high-end listings. These images provide distinctive views that show the home’s advantages, access, and surrounding development. Not to mention, it’s a great way to separate yourself and your listings from the crowd!

Haus Foto uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), or drones, to provide these unique views and further enhance the marketability of your listing.

Luxury Package

Are you marketing & selling a multi-million dollar property, with tens of thousands of dollars of commission on the line?

Consider contacting us for a custom-developed photoshoot of your property.

This unique offering includes full studio lighting and consultation on how to highlight the specific features most important to selling your home.

With excellent photography contributing over $116,000 to the sale price of a million-dollar property,
the return-on-investment of this package is virtually guaranteed.