About Adam


I’m Adam Peter, a photographer and founder of Haus Foto, an innovative and progressive photography firm specializing in architecture, design and real estate imagery. We specialize in photography that artfully showcases your hard work – whether it’s your residential listing, rental properties, vacation rentals, commercial property, or interior design services.

I care about producing amazing photographs that show the true character & possibility of any property. We all know that selling real estate has evolved from driving from home-to-home to almost solely searching online – making the visual representation of each room critical to the entire point of an MLS listing – getting a buyer to visit your property.

I specialize in the post-production work that it takes to make a good photo a great one. You can see examples of the difference this kind of skill makes at my Before & After page.

I’ve always been an artist, trained as a musician, and taught young people & adults guitar for many years. Throughout that time, I was interested in photography, but knew that it would take significant time & energy to develop the skills & expertise I hold as my personal standard.

One day, I committed to become a photographer – I got the equipment necessary, and then spent years carrying my camera, photographing day & night, and moving from good photos to great.

I spent years as a wedding photographer, winning Denver’s Chanel 7 A-List Best Wedding Photographer in 2008. I created the thematic engagement shoot concept and developed it to its full potential, re-defining acceptable and desirable shoot parameters far in advance of the competition. It was my personal passion for artistic & post-production development that led me to both Photo Production and Real Estate Photography in 2011.

Today, I assist interior designers and real estate professionals to deliver the best possible experience to their clients – showcasing the creative vision of designers as well as maximizing a home’s selling price and shortening days on market.

So, that’s me. To learn how to hire me for your photography needs, visit the Services page, or use the Contact page to connect with me directly.


And now — A Few quirky + totally true things about me:

  • I beat the number one ranked (at the time) air hockey player in the world.
  • I’ve trained my dog to know math.
  • I’ve got freakishly good aim. You don’t want to get into a snowball fight with me!
  • I love to cook & make a mean Chicken Tikka Masala.